Adventure Green Weddings & Elopements

We are creating a full day adventure elopement throughout the Danish islands of Lolland, Falster and Møn for you.

Our Danish Adventure elopement is for you, if you are planning a romantically elope and are still looking for stunning details and amazing wedding photos to tell the story of your adventure.

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Your adventure wedding will be designed as an action-packed event, based on your wishes and interests, and all day will be covered with a professional photographer.

Here is a little appetizer is presented, just to give you an idea how adventurous elopement can look.


We pick you up at the accommodation place: no breakfast!

Breakfast is served on a cliff of Gedser Odde, which is Scandinavia’s most southerly point, surrounded on all sides by the sea. We are looking at the old Marine station.

We visit Gedser Water Tower and experience the splendid view of Gedser, the harbour and the surroundings. A great place for photo sessions.

A romantical wedding ceremony at restored Danish mill.

Excursion to Maribo cathedral, which was built In the 15th century. It is possible to undergo the ceremony of blessing of marriage in beautiful cathedral – ask for possibilities and price.

​Lunch in a cozy Maribo town

​We take to the largest Scandinavian winery Frederiksdal. 2-hour tour with wine tasting.

Experience Nakskov harbor – we take fantastic boat tour.

Amazing photo shoot at the Denmark’s second longest bathing bridge.

Walking tour in cozy Nakskov town.

​Dinner at eco-friendly Earth to Table restaurant

​We take you back to accommodation